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Do you struggle with climbing hills?

This eBook is a comprehensive, easy-to-read on how to improve your hill climbing.

We have done the research for you and based on years of coaching experience we have put together the 15 most important things you can do right now to help improve your hill climbing.

This valuable eBook will give you the tools and knowledge to get back on track. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or enjoy cycling recreationally, this book will help you overcome the challenges of hills once and for all.

Regardless of where you are at the moment, after reading this eBook, you’ll have a much better understanding of how you can improve your hill climbing. And, when you put this information into action, you will turn your hill climbing around and quickly start getting results too.

You’ll learn the 15 most important things you can do to improve your hill climbing, so you can start seeing an improvement in your performance.

Plus, this ebook is on sale for a limited time only at 50% off and ready for you to download and read on any device!

Here’s what is covered:

  • How to develop cycling core strength off the bike
  • How to use your hand position to develop strength on climbs
  • An introduction to climbing techniques
  • How to correctly climb while seated and standing
  • How to reduce fatigue on climbs, the answer to riding stronger for longer
  • The training you need to do to develop a strong hill climbing base
  • The training you need to do to develop hill climbing power
  • The training you need to do to develop hill climbing speed
  • How to climb better without having to do any training
  • How to train correctly for hills when you don’t have any
  • How to train at the correct intensities to get hill climbing results faster than you thought possible
  • How to train for long hills
  • How to train for short hills
  • How to train for hill climbing when racing – build a killer ability to drop your competition on climbs
  • How to build your personalised 12 week hill climbing program

Most people are climbing better in less than four weeks after just following one or two of these secrets.

It’s an electronic book that you can download immediately after you have purchased it.

What People Are Saying About Our Training

It highlighted some things that I will pay more attention to such as more engagement of hamstrings. It’s given me more to think about in the gym and core strength. I am going to modify my training as a result. I’m sure I can improve. Thanks for your help!

Peter Mills

Enjoying it immensely, thanks David

Denis Tamplin

I’m definitely fitter than when I started and I’m starting to feel stronger.

Michael Riggall

I have found the book to be interesting and have good information as a starting point to then investigate further. The tips on mixing both aerobic training and strength training into training plans etc. is very worthwhile.

Duncan Crouch