Cycling-Inform Guide to Indoor Cycle Training

Cycling-Inform Guide to Indoor Cycle Training


Are you ready to get the most out of your indoor training? Cycling-Inform’s Guide to Indoor Cycle Training is an easy-to-follow eBook that takes you through all the steps of setting up your bike for indoor training. This eBook has everything you need to know about training indoors with power and heart rate zones, using training platforms, and more! This eBook will save you time, money, and frustration. It contains proven techniques that have been used by professional cyclists and triathletes for years. Click on the link below to add this to your shopping cart.



You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your bike and hundreds of dollars on your home trainer. For less than the cost of a cycling jersey, you can buy something right now, that is proven to make you faster on your bike. Cycling-Inform’s Guide to Indoor Cycle Training is an easy-to-follow guide that takes you through all the steps of setting up your bike for indoor training. This eBook has everything you need to know about training indoors with power and heart rate zones, using training platforms and lots more. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate cyclist, this eBook has everything you need to know about how to train indoors.

This 147-page eBook covers the 19 essential things that you need to know to help you get the most out of your home training. In this eBook, I explain how to use your home trainer as a powerful tool to address both your cycling strengths and weaknesses. You’ll discover how you can minimize your training time while at the same time improving your performance  I also cover how to boost your pedalling efficiency by up to 66%  so that you can produce more power for longer with less fatigue.

You’ll also learn how to analyse your cycling data and monitor and measure your cycling performance so that you can finetune your training program. There’s also information on how to choose the right trainer for you, how to set up your home training studio, and how to implement the right software to drive your trainer. And if you aren’t a big fan of doing indoor training sessions, I’ll provide you with the best tactics I know to help you turn that around so that you too can unlock the awesome power of the home trainer.

I cover off how to get the most out of your heart rate monitor, power meter, and training zones. And, in addition, I’ll describe our training methodology, which is more efficient than the traditional periodization methods you may already be familiar with.  You’ll be able to use this training methodology to prepare for your major cycling events while still being able to perform at your best throughout the year. And finally…

I cover the 72 most powerful indoor training sessions we have.  It’s these sessions that we include in all our online training programs, and they make up the cornerstone of our Cycling Inform training methodology. They’ll help you take the guesswork out of targeting your aerobic base, strength, VO2 max, hill climbing and sprint training, so you’ll start riding faster sooner.

This 3rd edition has been totally rewritten and updated with our current indoor cycle training techniques for the home trainer. Now 157 pages long. Includes training with power and new workouts.

You are about to purchase what is probably the fastest way to improve your performance on the bike.

No matter what level you are racing or riding at, or what shape you’re in right now, you’re about to get a lot faster and have a lot more power than you ever have thought possible.

Find out why this book is a must-read.

While riding on the road is important and enjoyable. Cycling home trainer sessions, if performed correctly, will unlock your hidden power and speed faster than almost any other training you can do on the road.

If you are limited to the amount of time you can train or find the weather is interrupting your training schedule then the home trainer is the best way to keep yourself fit.

This book covers the following:

  • Secrets to make home training so interesting that you’ll look forward to the sessions.
  • Totally pressed for time? Are work and family commitments getting in the way of your serious training? Not any more. We’ll show you how you can keep your peak fitness on only two special 1 hour sessions a week.
  • Home trainer sessions that will improve your hill-climbing in just four weeks without leaving your living room.
  • Can’t sprint. Think again. We have several great sprint home trainer sessions that will have you leaving everyone behind at the finish no matter how bad you are as a sprinter when you start.
  • VO2MAX boosting sessions. Get a severe and natural performance advantage over your competitors
  • Home trainer sessions to help you prepare for important recreational cycling events.
  • Want to improve your average speed in time trials? We have a section dedicated to just this and it will have you riding faster than you ever have before.
  • We cover a whole section on heart rate training that you’ll also be able to use while training on the road.
  • How about criterium races? Hit the season hard with these special criterium sessions.
  • How to put together a training plan that will have you build and peak correctly for your important cycling events.

Enjoy the benefits of home training right in your living room:

  • It’s safe
  • It’s warm
  • It’s measurable
  • It saves you a heap of time while getting the same or better results

How would you like to:

  • Develop a hugely powerful aerobic base on which to build your season
  • Develop and increase your power output on the bike for all races and conditions
  • Develop your ability to sprint and to sprint further
  • Build your top-end power and be able to sustain it for longer
  • Be able to climb more powerfully and effectively
  • Smash your time trial personal bests
  • And actually win bike races!

We use the same sessions in our very successful coaching programs.

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